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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:
We Protect Others

Our Mission


Our Vision

We will be the best in the world at understanding and providing solutions for the risks our customers encounter as healers, innovators, employers, and professionals. Through an integrated family of specialty companies, products, and services, we will be a trusted partner enabling those we serve to focus on their vital work.

As the employer of choice, we embrace every day as a singular opportunity to reach for extraordinary outcomes, build and deepen superior relationships, advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accomplish our mission with infectious enthusiasm and unbending integrity.

Our Values Drive the Culture

  • Unbending Integrity
  • Leadership That Works
  • Superior Relationships
  • Infectious Enthusiasm

Unbending integrity





We reflect on our words, take smart risks, make decisions, offer our best judgments, and choose actions that are honest, fair, and ethical.


Together we work diligently to accomplish our mission and vision and are committed to building an inclusive workplace environment.


We care intensely about the success of the Company while valuing and supporting the individual differences of our team members, business partners, and customers.


We do what is right, even when it is difficult or inconvenient—and we require the same of others.

Leadership that works





We communicate our ideas clearly and respectfully to develop trust, create a sense of purpose, and inspire continuous learning and improvement.


We possess a clear idea about what we want to achieve and can determine an appropriate course of action to translate our aspirations into reality.


We value the diverse talents, abilities, and skills of every team member by creating opportunities for advancement and offering training and continuing education.


We empower decision-making at all levels of the organization, are responsible for our words and actions, take ownership of results regardless of outcomes, and recognize the contributions of everyone.


We consistently achieve high-quality results and help others do the same.

Superior Relationships





We respect our team members, business partners, and customers, treat them with dignity, and conduct ourselves in a manner that is courteous and kind.


We build meaningful connections based on thoughtful communication, respect, and integrity with our team members, business partners, and customers.


We encourage the participation of our team members, business partners, and customers to offer ideas and assistance, and look for opportunities to help everyone succeed.


We value the uniqueness of our team members, customers, and business partners and work to ensure that every person feels a sense of belonging and support from the organization.

Infectious Enthusiasm





We have a persistent desire to acquire knowledge about the ever-changing world around us, broaden our understanding and appreciation of our communities, and strive to build expertise relevant to our business.


We approach every challenge with optimism, view change and differing viewpoints as opportunities, pursue bold objectives, and celebrate the extraordinary outcomes we achieve.


We are excited about what we do and seek to energize, engage with, and inspire others.


We don't give up.